What is the Media Tracker

The Media Tracker is a built-in tool that allows mappers to introduce cameras, effects, fog, GPSs and more into their creations. It’s an incredibly versatile and powerful tool that can make your map stand out from the rest.

Where to find the Media Tracker

Open a new empty map and you should see something similar to this

Media Tracker button on the bottom right

The Media Tracker button is currently highlighted

On the bottom right there’s the little video icon, pressing that will open the Media Tracker menu that shows the different sequences where you can apply the Media Tracker in

Media Tracker Menu

The sequences of the Media Tracker

Each of the 5 sequences relate to a different part of the map. Only the _Podium_ will not be used, as it relates to past titles. Here’s a quick rundown of what each sequence does, an what a potential use case could be:


This is the cinematic that plays when the map is loaded. You can customize cameras to showcase specific parts of the map, add effects, ghosts and more, to really immerse the player

In game

This is the sequence that applies during a race. It differs from the others due to the presence of triggers. GPSs, are one of the most common things that this sequence is used for

End race

This is the cinematic that plays at the end of the run. Not really used often


This is general effects that apply to all other sequences. Fog, color grading and similar tweaks happen here